Zishy: Romi And Raylene Original Muscle

Zishy: Romi And Raylene Original Muscle

Zishy takes Romi & Raylene aka Noma Hill & Gia Hill to Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach where the girls show of their flexible twin bodies while doing some acrobatics and end by flashing their bare asses in public.


Zishy.comAfter we were essentially kicked out of the Getty Villa, we jumped on the PCH and headed up towards Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach, which just so happens to be the original Muscle Beach. I think of it as a playground for adults. There are ropes, rings, bars, and beams for all your acrobatic needs. Best of all, the equipment is free to use. Romi and Raylene showed off their flexibility, flashed the camera a few times, and worked up an appetite. I decided to take them out for the best falafel they have never had. The Hungry Pocket in Santa Monica has their falafel ball recipe honed to perfection. Supergrass’ hit, “Alright”, is the track in the bonus video.
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